Except for property matters for those agencies and processes specifically exempt from the oversight delegated by the South Carolina Code of Regulations, Real Property Services, on behalf of Admin and the Division of Facilities Management and Property Services (DFMPS):

  • Provides centralized real estate services.
  • Maintains and processes all leases either for or from a state agency.
  • Process requests for easements over and across state-owned property, including marshlands and navigable waterways.
  • Maintains a real estate inventory.
  • Coordinates conveyances of surplus real estate. 
  • Processes annexations of state-owned property into municipalities.

The oversight delegated to DFMPS regarding real estate matters is required by S.C. Code of Laws and Regulations and the S.C. General Appropriation Bill.

2024 SFAA & JBRC Meeting and Submission Schedule

For Real Estate general information, please call 803-737-8731 or email RPS@admin.sc.gov.