Division of Technology

Language Line


South Carolina has many citizens who do not speak English and sometimes these citizens need to talk with State agencies about services. How can you help them?

Understand the Service

The Language Line is a service that provides interpreters to non-English speaking parties. This service currently supports 161 different languages and offers proficiency in the languages, general knowledge and familiarity with the cultures, ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in the languages, general knowledge of the subject to be interpreted, excellent note-taking techniques and memory enhancement skills.
Take a moment to review the Language Line website. For additional information, contact the Division of Technology's Service Desk.


Language Line Per minute rates, taxes and surcharges vary based on the interpretation services requested by the customer. These costs are pass-through charges for services provided by Language Line Services, Inc.

Questions or Ready to Order

Please contact the Division of Technology's Service Desk by emailing servicedesk@admin.sc.gov, or by calling 803-896-0001 or toll-free at 1-800-922-1367.

How Am I Billed?

Language Line services are billed via the Customer Care billing system using standard State processes.