Division of Technology

Directory Assistance (DA)


Need to call a State agency or employee but you don’t have the telephone number? Call Directory Assistance at 803-896-0000 for this free service.

Additional Non-DTO Resources

  • Dial 411 if you are a telephone subscriber in need of a local telephone number.
  • Dial 1 + Area Code + 555-1212 for long distance directory assistance. This service is provided for a fee by long distance carriers.

Spirit Communications or AT&T?

What determines whether a directory assistance call goes to Spirit Telecom or AT&T?
  • 411 from 1FBs or Centrex – call goes to local exchange carrier (not Spirit Telecom)
  • 411 from DTO PBX – call goes to Spirit Telecom
  • 1 + Area Code + 555-1212 – call goes to Spirit Telecom (if long distance is PIC’d to Spirit Telecom)


 Spirit Telecom  411  Call Type: D $ 0.50
 Spirit Telecom  555-1212  Call Type: D $ 0.50
 AT&T 411  Call Type: D $ 1.50
 AT&T 555-1212  Call Type: D $ 1.50
AT&T Operator-Assisted Service:
Local and Long Distance
 Station-to-station  Call Type: A $ 2.50
 Person-to-person  Call Type: A $ 5.00
 Verification service  
                Call Type: K, Settlement Code: X
$ 3.00
 Emergency Interrupt service  
                Call Type: K, Settlement Code: X
$ 3.00
 Dir. Asst. Call Completion  
                Call Type: 3 or 4, Settlement Code: F
$ 1.50

How We Define Our Rates

Based on vendor rate

Cost Savings Note

If your long distance is not PIC’d to the State’s contracted vendor, Spirit Communications, you are definitely paying higher rates for directory assistance and probably long distance.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact the Division of Technology's Service Desk by emailing servicedesk@admin.sc.gov, or by calling 803-896-0001 or toll-free at 1-800-922-1367.