Division of Technology

Audio Bridge Tips

If you are using the State’s PBX services, a digital telephone set allows you to conference with as many as five people in multiple locations (toll charges may apply*).
Reduce background noise:
  • Move the speakerphone as close as possible to the speaker – it will pick up less background noise.
  • Ask participants to speak one at a time.
  • Avoid side conversations, even if they're work related – they drown out the speaker and distract other participants.
  • Refrain from tapping pens or shuffling papers. These noises sound louder at remote locations than in your meeting room.
  • Turn off fans and air conditioning if it won't make the room too uncomfortable. These also sound louder through a speakerphone.
  • Shut meeting room doors to eliminate workplace background noise.
  • Mute the telephone if your site is not actively participating in the meeting. Simply turn the mute function off when someone has a question or comment.
* Please note: Toll charges may apply – if it is a long distance call for any caller to either the DTO or Spirit Telecom audio bridge, then the caller will have to pay long distance charges. There are no chargeback capabilities to one specific agency for all callers of a particular conference call. Also, there are no 1-800 number capabilities for audio bridge services at this time.