Division of Technology

Audio Bridge Services


Need to talk with several people in multiple locations at the same time? Call the Division of Technology Operations (DTO) Service Desk at 803-896-0001 to schedule an audio bridge (conference call) tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Your Choice

  1. The DTO Service Desk operates its own audio bridge service that conferences up to 90 people in 90 multiple locations (toll charges may apply*). 
  2. Spirit Communications offers the same conference calling service and can accommodate as many as 99 people in 99 multiple locations (toll charges may apply*). Call Spirit Telecom toll-free at 800-686-7671 to arrange this service.

Reap the Benefits

  • Reduce your travel budget
    • Eliminate need for transportation
  • Increase employee productivity
    • Eliminate time devoted to travel (scheduling, time spent en route)
    • Reduce communication discrepancies (all parties hear the same information)


 DTO Service Desk  (90 callers maximum) $ 0.00 per caller per minute
 Spirit Telecom  (99 callers maximum) $ 0.039 per caller per minute

Your Role

Follow the Audio Bridge Tips outlined for your convenience.
  • Toll charges may apply – if it is a long distance call for any caller to either the DTO or Spirit Telecom audio bridge, then the caller will have to pay long distance charges. There are no chargeback capabilities to one specific agency for all callers of a particular conference call. Also, there are no 1-800 number capabilities for audio bridge services at this time.

Questions or Ready to Order

Please contact the Division of Technology's Service Desk by emailing servicedesk@admin.sc.gov, or by calling 803-896-0001 or toll-free at 1-800-922-1367.

How Am I Billed?

Audio Bridge services are billed via the Customer Care billing system using standard State processes.