Division of Technology

Coverage Maps

To access Palmetto 800 Radio System coverage maps and regional talkgroup plan maps, please click on the appropriate link below.
Motorola's contract with South Carolina requires that system coverage maps be depicted with 95 percent analog predicted coverage reliability. Areas shown in white on the coverage maps may still have radio coverage, however, the predicted reliability is below 95 percent. Please keep in mind that no radio system coverage can be 100 percent reliable, as there will always be particular times and locations where signal strength is below that needed for satisfactory performance.
What Does 95 Percent Predicted Coverage Mean
Reliability of signal strength is given in percentage within the coverage area predicted. Shaded areas within the maps are predicted to have 95 percent coverage reliability. This means that if the area is divided uniformly into 100 locations then 95 of these locations will provide satisfactory coverage and 5 of these locations may provide unsatisfactory coverage. In an actual verification of satisfactory coverage performance, the test must be based on a large number of locations consistent with good statistical practice.