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Palmetto 800 Radio System

South Carolina Leveraging Public Private Partnerships to Develop Statewide Communications Network

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The South Carolina Statewide 800 MHz Radio and Mobile Data System is a cost-shared public/private partnership between state government, local governments, power utilities, and Motorola Solutions, Inc. The system is a Motorola P25 - 7.17 Core.
The goal of the shared Palmetto 800 system is to provide public safety grade statewide coverage, enhance statewide interoperability and provide agencies with a superior communications technology at an economical price to meet their public safety communications needs.
In operation since 1992, the network continues to expand and evolve to meet public safety responder needs. The South Carolina Department of Administration’s Division of Technology Operations administers the system with the support of an elected advisory committee, to ensure the system is administered with the input of its users.
  • Commonly referred to as the "Palmetto 800," the South Carolina system has continued to grow and today is one of the largest shared, statewide radio networks in the nation with over 50,000 users.
  • Over 850 agencies representing state government, federal government, local government, law enforcement agencies, fire services, EMS services, and power utilities in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia currently participate in the shared, statewide 800 MHz radio network.
  • All South Carolina county, emergency management agencies and 911 centers have been provided with radios to access to the Palmetto 800 system for interoperability and disaster response coordination.
  • The South Carolina Division of Technology Operations administers the Palmetto 800 Network, ESF-2 and the state's cache of communications radios, mobile radio towers, mobile satellite trailers (data, VoIP phone and two-way, radio services) and communications strike team support.
  • South Carolina continues to receive top rankings for its interoperability efforts associated with the Palmetto 800 and PATCON systems.
  • For additional information or support, please email palmetto800@admin.sc.gov.

Palmetto Tactical Communications Network Statewide Communications Network: 

In addition to the Palmetto 800 Shared Trunked Network, South Carolina has implemented a statewide conventional 800 MHz network known as the Palmetto Tactical Communications Network (PATCON). PATCON is a State and local government owned network that utilizes State and National interoperability frequencies interlaced across South Carolina. 
PATCON provides a statewide cost-effective interoperability solution for non-trunked radio users, network redundancy, and additional network capacity during events or emergencies.
  • To view the PATCON 800 MHz Conventional Coverage map, please click here.
  • To view the New Palmetto 800 Air-to-Ground Region map, please click here.
  • To view the Palmetto 800 User Map, please click here

System Notices/Meetings:

  • Next Users Advisory Committee Meeting - May 8, 2019, (10 a.m.-noon) at the Pine Island Club on Lake Murray.
  • Spring 2019 User Group Meeting - May 8, 2019, (noon) at the Pine Island Club on Lake Murray. Please RSVP Farrah at Farrah.schon@motorolasolutions.com with your name and agency as soon as possible.
  • Palmetto 800 24-hour System Monitoring and Support 800-353-0101.
  • Interconnecting to the Palmetto 800 System - The Palmetto 800 Radio System and its licensees prohibit two-way interconnecting or the connecting of the Palmetto 800 System to other radio systems, telephone systems, cellular systems or any system that brings additional/outside loading to the system without written approval of the Division of Technology and the 800 MHz Advisory Committee. See the interconnect guidelines link on the System Operations page for additional information.