Division of State Agencies Support Services

Program Eligibility

The following organizations may be eligible to acquire state and federal surplus property. Complete an Eligibility Application to determine if your organization qualifies.

Public Agency

  • State Agencies and Departments
  • City and County Governments
  • Special Purpose Districts
  • Police, Fire and Sheriff's Departments
  • Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squads
  • Indian Tribe Located on a State Reservation
  • Political Subdivision of the State


  • School Systems
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Public Libraries
  • Museums
  • Service Educational Activities (SEA) such as Boy and Girls Scouts, Red Cross
  • Child Care Centers (non-profit)
  • Educational Radio and TV Stations
  • Training Centers
  • Schools for the Mentally/Physically Challenged
  • Non-profit and Public Programs for the Elderly


  • Medical Institutions
  • Clinics and Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Health Centers
  • Providers of Assistance to the Homeless
  • Providers of Assistance to the Impoverished
  • Nursing Homes


  • US Small Business Admin 8a contractors

Click Here to complete an Eligibility Application to determine if your organization qualifies for the State and/or Federal Surplus Property Programs.

Click Here if your organization currently participates in the State and/or Federal Surplus Property Programs and you would like to update your eligibility application.

The Federal Surplus Property Program is covered by federal nondiscrimination laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, age, disability and sex. 

Program Eligibility Coordinator

Tracy Price - Coordinator
Phone: 803-896-6884
Email: tracy.price@admin.sc.gov