Division of State Agencies Support Services

Vehicle Purchase and Disposal

New Vehicle Acquisition

Always check the State Procurement Office (MMO) website to see which types of vehicles are on state contract. These contracts can be accessed by clicking here.

  • Submit the completed following documents to request a vehicle purchase:
    • SFM Form SASS-007A
    • Purchase order
    • Justification statements and any applicable supporting documentation
    • Be sure your agency head or authorized personnel has signed off on documents
  • Mail completed purchase package to:
State Fleet Management
1430 Senate Street, 3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 29201 
New Vehicle Delivery

All new vehicles ordered by state agencies except the Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Education are delivered to SFM's receiving lot located at:

1447 Boston Avenue
West Columbia, SC 29170
A map of this location can be found here.

To Dispose of a Vehicle

To be eligible for disposal, a state vehicle must either be "excess to the needs of the State" or meet the established vehicle replacement criteria.

State Fleet Management
1430 Senate Street, 3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 29201
  • SFM will process your Request To Dispose of a State Vehicle and send approved copies to your agency and to the Surplus Property Office.
  • Once you have received this approved SFM Form SASS-007A, contact the Surplus Property Office to complete the appropriate paperwork and arrange to turn your old vehicle over for sale.

Vehicle Purchase and Disposal Best Practices

  • Thoroughly review and complete all applicable fields on the SFM Form SSAS-007A.
  • When completing the purchase order include the vehicle Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (IMF) per SC Code §56-3-627 (5 percent of the purchase price or a maximum of $500). Please include the IMF as a separate line item.
  • Alert SFM of any changes with Transportation Coordinators and contacts within your agency.
  • All additional vehicle options (not listed on the Statewide Vehicle Contract bid sheets) must be supported by a statement of justification explaining why the option is required to perform the job function.

Exemption from State Motor Vehicle ID Requirement

  • Use SFM Form SASS-007B to apply for exemption from the state vehicle identification requirements per SC Code §1-11-320.