Division of State Agencies Support Services

Emergency Service Program (ESP)

State Fleet Management (SFM) implemented the Emergency Service Program (ESP) in response to customer requests to provide after-hours services for emergency breakdowns. To contact ESP after hours, call:


ESP provides drivers the security of knowing that after 5:30 p.m. during the week and all weekends (excluding State holidays and State observed holidays), they can call the toll free number if an emergency arises to include:  

  • Emergency recovery of disabled vehicles due to mechanical failure
  • Emergency recovery of vehicles with a flat tire and NO functional spare tire

During an after-hours emergency, please provide:

  • Name & Contact Phone Number of person requesting service
  • Vehicle Tag Number
  • Vehicle Odometer reading
  • Location (closest highway mile marker or street address and city)
  • Detailed description of the problem


  • Routine maintenance, lock outs, and vehicle service lights do not constitute an emergency.
  • Agencies are responsible for ensuring the stranded party are provided transportation. SFM is responsible for towing the vehicle only.
  • Actual vehicle repair is contingent upon vendor availability and the nature of the repair.