Palmetto 800 Radio Network 0092320

Palmetto 800 Radio Network | 5 • Richard Weaver State Frequency Coordinator Phone: 803-896-5238 Email : • Dennison Coomer Logistics Manager Phone: 803-896-0731 Email : Operational Management Operational management of the Palmetto 800 MHz Radio Network is provided by State Contract to Motorola Solutions, Inc. DTO, Motorola and the 800 Users Advisory Committee work together cooperatively to help provide cost saving and manage the cost of operating the statewide system. 24-hour System Monitoring and Support is provided by Motorola. The 24-hour contact number is 800- 353-0101. Users Advisory Committee Network user input is provided by the Statewide 800 Users Advisory Committee (800 Advisory Committee). To ensure the contract provider of the statewide radio system is fully aware of DTO's cooperative management style with the users of the Palmetto 800 System, the 800 Advisory Committee and cooperative manage style of the system is written into the State Contract with Motorola. The Palmetto 800 Advisory Committee Advisory Committee Members are elected to two-year terms by the system users. Advisory Committee Member positions represent: • State law enforcement • Local law enforcement • Fire • EMS • Emergency management • Power utilities • Large system users (over 500 units) • At-large state government users • At-large local Government users. A systemwide Users Group meeting is held in the fall and spring of each year. All system users are invited to attend these meetings. For additional information or support, please emai l To view the Palmetto 800 User Map, please click here.