Santee Cooper Project Information

Potential bidders should direct process related questions to Moelis and Company. No contact should be made under any circumstances with employees or representatives of Admin, Santee Cooper or Central Cooperative, or with the Governor, members of the General Assembly or their respective staffs regarding the process without prior written approval.

Moelis Contacts

John Colella*,  Managing Director, Tel: (212) 883-4215,

Roger Wood, Managing Director, Tel: (212) 883-4565,

Scott DeGhetto, Managing Director, Tel: (713) 343-6424,

Nathan Barnes*, Executive Director, Tel: (212) 883-3542,

Glenn Muscosky, Managing Director, Tel: (212) 883-3584,

* Primary day-to-day contacts


Aug. 16, 2019: Department of Administration issues invitation to participate in the Santee Cooper Process

The South Carolina Department of Administration (Admin), through its advisor, Moelis and Company, is inviting parties interested in submitting bids to participate in the process for sale or management proposals for some or all of the South Carolina Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper), as outlined in Public Service Authority Joint Resolution (Act 95 of 2019).

Below are documents available to interested parties:

The invitation to participate letter provides important information for potential parties who may submit proposals for a sales transaction, management proposals or both. Also, each party that wishes to participate in the process must sign the confidentiality agreement. Finally, the introductory information packet provides a brief description of Santee Cooper and its business.