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Enterprise Storage - Service Notes

Service Notes

  • Enterprise Storage will be charged from the time it is provisioned until it is deprovisioned.
  • Storage charges are based on gigabytes (GB) of disk space allocated to the agency. Primary data and copies of primary data are both considered in calculating the amount of total allocated GB (e.g., 100GB of primary allocated storage and 100GB of replicated allocated storage represent 200GB of billable storage).
  • The Enterprise Storage service is primarily based on enterprise storage from Hitachi. The Hitachi storage infrastructure supports a variety of technologies including SSD, Fibre Channel and SATA disk drives.
  • Admin maintains a certified Hitachi storage configuration to ensure the highest levels of availability.
  • Planned maintenance (e.g., firmware updates) will occur during non-production hours and will adhere to the enterprise change management process.
  • The Enterprise Storage service includes data replication services. Data replication is the frequent copy of data from one storage system to a second offsite storage system. The data replication process occurs multiple times in a single day and contributes to the higher availability of enterprise storage due to offsite redundancy.
  • Data Backup is a separate service offered by Admin. The Data Backup service backs up application and end-user data, and provides restoration of data due to loss or corruption. Data backups are run once a day and have a 30-day retention period.