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Mainframe Hosting - Service Notes

Service Notes

  • Admin maintains and supports select software products from Software AG.
  • Admin maintains and supports IBM DB/2 Software, AG ADABAS and CA IDMS.
  • Admin conducts periodic disaster recovery (DR) tests and will engage customer agencies as appropriate to participate in the tests.
  • The standard patching maintenance window is Sunday from 7-10 p.m. Patches are applied 10 days after release. Patches are occasionally applied sooner based on the risk of the unpatched vulnerability.
  • Mainframe storage is required for the mainframe service. Mainframe storage is provided in this service (Mainframe Storage is currently separate from Enterprise Storage – SAN) and is charged separately.
  • Mainframe-based data replication and infrastructure disaster recovery is included in this service. LPARs will automatically failover to the Clemson University data center if a disaster incident is experienced at the primary State Data Center. Agency customers are responsible for restarting their individual applications that reside on the impacted LPAR after a site failover (if required by the application).