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Long Distance Telephone Services - Service Detail

Service Detail

Admin’s selected vendor, Spirit Communications, provides the following services. Additional information on each service is available from the vendor.

  • Switched Long Distance
    Spirit Communications provides a discounted outward service (formerly called Field Office Long Distance Service) to remote state agencies. The telephone number of the remote agency is programmed, pre-subscribed inter-exchange carrier (PIC), to select the state contracted, switched long distance services provider when the agency makes intrastate or interstate long distance calls.
  • Dedicated 800
    Spirit Communications provides dedicated telephone service, through the use of special access facilities, to state agencies and institutions that choose to offer 800 service lines for the general public to communicate with governmental entities. This service is provided at a discounted rate.
  • Switched 800 Service
    Through the use of basic switched access lines to a subscriber’s business line, customers can communicate with governmental entities. This service is provided at a discounted rate.
  • Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Long Distance
    Through this service, telephone calls can be made to any location outside the local exchange carrier local service calling area. Charges for these calls normally appear on the LEC invoice as toll charges.
  • Dedicated Outward Long Distance
    Dedicated Outward Access is a service that directly connects state switches or remote locations to a carrier toll network for the purpose of placing long distance calls.
  • Operator Services
    There are a variety of telephone services that often require the assistance of an operator. These services include calling card, collect, third-number billed calls, and other operator services for the state switched and dedicated access locations.
  • Originating 800 Service
    Spirit Communications provides the state with a commission on minutes of all 1-800 calls originating from state locations.
  • International Long Distance
    Conduct business around the globe with Spirit’s international calling plan.