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Managed Workstation - Service Detail

Service Detail

This Admin service includes:
  1. Managed Workstation with Remote Support


  • Software management, maintenance and support vary by software type.
    • Software types divided into four categories. Specific software titles are assigned to each category. (Contact the ARM for detailed information.)
  • Critical patch management for managed and supported applications.
  • Security compliance and configuration support of managed applications.
  • Technical and integration support for managed and supported applications.

          File Storage

  • Dedicated private network folder for users in addition to shared access to network folders as determined by the users assigned business roles. Network storage is backed up nightly with a 30-day retention period.


  • Technical support through the use of remote support tools, to include:
    • Remote troubleshooting, diagnosis and remote assistance of operating system, productivity tools and security application issues.
    • Remote driver installation and configuration of workstation compatible peripheral devices. Legacy devices or non-compatible devices may not be supported.
    • Remote troubleshooting, diagnosis and remote assistance of locally attached printer issues to workstations covered under this service.
  • Critical patch management and whole disk encryption help enhance workstation security.
  • Hard drive sanitization in accordance with policy standards for workstations at end-of-life.
  • Remote customers needing support for issues that cannot be resolved using remote support tools, may ship or deliver workstations to the Admin office located in Columbia.
  1. Managed Workstation with On-Site Support

         Includes everything provided under Managed Workstation with Remote Support, plus the following:

  • On-site service technician visit, after initial remote assistance.
  • Scheduled workstation installation and initial configuration at agency office location.
  • On-site technician visits are available only in Lexington and Richland counties.
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