Division of State Agencies Support Services

Vehicle Transportation Guidelines

Below are the options available for state agencies regarding vehicle transportation. Included are guidelines to help state agencies determine the best option.

I. Utilization of State-owned Vehicles (Agency-owned or Leased from State Fleet Management)

  • Many agencies maintain a pool of vehicles that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. These vehicles are either owned by the agency, leased from State Fleet Management or a combination of both.
  • It is the recommendation of State Fleet Management that State-owned vehicles be considered first in satisfying any business travel needs.

II. Utilization of Statewide Short-term Vehicle Rental Contacts

  • The State Procurement Office maintains a Vehicle Rental Services contract for the short-term utilization (less than 30 days) of rental cars, trucks, vans, etc.
  • The contracted vendors and their prices vary throughout the state. Please check your local area’s vendors and pricing by clicking here.
  • This option should only be considered if:
    1. State-owned vehicles are unavailable for the travel need.
    2. The destination is outside of the state.
    3. The cost of renting a vehicle is less than the expense of a personal mileage reimbursement (or the employee has declined use of their personal vehicle). 

III. Personal Mileage Reimbursement

  • Your agency may elect to ask an employee to utilize their personal vehicle for business travel.
  • Through this option, a mileage reimbursement rate is to be paid to the employee by your agency. The cost of mileage reimbursement versus the costs of the other transportation options should be considered before utilizing
    this option.
  • The mileage reimbursement rate is two-tier:
    1. There is a standard IRS mileage reimbursement rate as published by the Comptroller General’s Office that should be used when an employee utilizes a personal vehicle for business travel. This rate can be used only when agency State-owned vehicles and short-term rental contract vehicles are NOT available.
    2. If State-owned vehicles and short-term rental contract vehicles are available for the trip, but the employee chooses to utilize a personal vehicle for business travel, a rate of 4 cents less than the standard rate should be applied in order to comply with the 2016-2017 General Appropriations Act Proviso 117.82.
    3. For more information and guidance regarding this provison and to view the most current reimbursement rates, please click here.