IT Shared Services Catalog

Statewide IT Standards

The state of South Carolina has established a series of statewide information technology (IT) standards as part of the development and implementation of the IT shared services model. These standards are helping redefine how agencies approach the design, procurement, implementation and use of technology.

Statewide IT Standards

Statewide IT standards approved for agency consumption include those listed below. To view the standard, click on the corresponding link.

Each of the standards developed for this initiative originate, progress and are ultimately recommended through the defined governance structure. This structure – comprised of members representing a wide variety of agencies diverse in both size and scope – helps to provide a solid collaborative approach while ensuring agencies have a constant voice and input in such key decisions.

Statewide IT Strategies

Statewide IT strategies developed for agency consumption can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding link below.

Exception Process

An exception process has been established for instances when an agency feels that circumstances necessitate the need to depart from a given standard. Please note, exception requests are not guaranteed to be approved, and are considered and processed through the governance process.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions regarding the development of IT standards or the IT shared services governance process, please contact Admin’s Program Management Office (