IT Shared Services Catalog

Managed Workstation - Service Notes

Service Notes

  • Agency locations must have MetroNet or a secure connection to the state network.
  • Agency workstations must be a member of Admin’s Active Directory domain.
  • If it is determined an issue cannot be resolved remotely, Admin will coordinate the transition of the incident and all related information to either Admin endpoint support technicians or to the agency’s support staff.
  • Agencies purchasing on-site support must purchase the service for all workstations at a physical address or agency location. Splitting of on-site and remote support options between workstations at the same physical address or agency location will not be allowed.
  • Agency locations outside of Lexington and Richland counties will only be permitted to purchase the remote support option.
  • In the future, Admin will offer different rate structures for devices and configurations that are within Admin’s standard, versus those that are outside Admin’s standard. Agencies should work closely with their ARM representative to ensure that purchases of new devices fit within Admin standards. Contact the ARM for a list of standard devices and configurations.
  • All base image applications and other Category 1 applications are patched automatically. Agency-specific applications may not be patched automatically, and the agency should coordinate with the DTO Service Desk.
  • Hardware support for agency-owned/leased workstations is the responsibility of the agency. Hardware support for Admin-owned/leased workstations is the responsibility of Admin.
  • Agencies are responsible for purchasing consumables and peripheral devices, such as additional keyboards, headsets, additional monitors, replacement batteries, USB drives and webcams to enable desktop video. The agency should coordinate purchases through Admin to ensure compatibility.
  • Agencies are responsible for third-party application purchasing and license management of software not included in base image or provided as an add-on service by Admin. The agency should coordinate purchases with Admin to ensure compatibility.
  • Only state-owned or leased workstations are supported. Personal workstations are not supported under this service.
  • Data stored locally on workstations is not backed up.
  • Administrative access for authorized agency staff is available. Contact Admin to learn more about the approval process.
  • Admin staff, or authorized agency technical staff, will connect workstations to the wired network in work areas, move them as needed, and remove them from the network. Users should not connect or disconnect workstations to or from the wired network. If users do so, the agency may incur a cost for work performed by Admin to resolve any related issues.
  • Admin will coordinate vendor support for hardware failures of workstations under warranty. Reasonable effort will be made to service workstations out of warranty, however, no guarantee will be provided for returning out of warranty workstations back into service.
  • Workstations shipped or delivered to Columbia, for repair, will be assigned a priority and addressed in accordance with established policy and existing priorities.
  • Installations or moves of more than five workstations at one time will require additional funding. A move is defined as disconnecting a workstation in one work area, transporting it to a new work area, and connecting it in the new work area so it is available for use by the user. Multiple requests for installations or moves of fewer than five workstations within a short period of time may be grouped together by Admin and additional funding will be required. Admin will advise agencies in advance if there is a cost associated with a request for installations or moves.
  • On-site installations and moves are only available with Managed Workstation with On-Site Support.
  • Agencies are responsible for providing at least two weeks advanced notice for any installation or move of up to five workstations. Installations or moves of more than five workstations require more than two weeks advanced notice, and a timeframe will be agreed upon with Admin and the agency based on the complexity of the project and resource availability.