IT Shared Services Catalog

Managed Printer - Service Notes

Service Notes

  • The Managed Printer services is available at agency locations or physical addresses where the agency also purchases Managed Workstation services.
  • The agency is responsible for the purchasing or leasing of networked printers and multifunction devices.
  • Only state-owned printers are supported. Personal printers are not supported.
  • This service does not cover standalone photocopiers not connected to the state network.
  • Admin will connect printers to the wired network in work areas, move them as needed and remove them from the network. Users should not connect or disconnect printers to or from the wired network. If users do so, the agency may incur a cost for work performed by Admin to resolve any related issues.
  • Admin will coordinate vendor support for hardware failures of printers under warranty. Reasonable effort will be made to service printers out of warranty. However, no guarantee will be provided for returning out of warranty printers back into service. 
  • Installations or moves of more than five printers at one time will require additional funding. Multiple requests for installations or moves of fewer than five printers within a short period of time may be grouped together by Admin and additional funding will be required.
  • Agencies are responsible for providing at least two weeks advanced notice for any installation or move of up to five printers. Installations or moves of more than five printers require more than two weeks advanced notice, and a timeframe will be agreed upon with Admin and the agency based on the complexity of the project and resource availability.
  • Work efforts involving installations or moves of more than 25 printers will follow the standard Admin project management methodology. Projects will be scheduled according to project requirements and Admin resource availability. Admin will provide a project cost estimate before beginning work.