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Managed Printer - Service Detail

Service Detail

This Admin service includes:
  1. Managed Printer Support
  • Configuration, moves and data sanitation of agency-owned or leased printers.
  • Configuration of printers is provided for agencies selecting Managed Workstation with Remote Support and Managed Workstation with On-Site support.
  • On-site printer installation at an agency location or physical address is provided only for agencies that have purchased Managed Workstation with On-Site support for that location or physical address.
  • For agency locations under Managed Workstation with Remote Support, Admin will provide remote support to a user or agency-contracted vendor resource on-site at the printer’s location. 
  • Advanced printer configurations (e.g., port blocking, restricting web access, default password resets, SNMP). 
  • ​​Support of multifunction printers contracted from a third party vendor is limited to configuration only, which includes connecting the printer to the network, advanced configurations to help secure the printer, and configuring users to print.
  • Ongoing support from the Admin team, including:
    • Troubleshooting, diagnosis and remote assistance using remote assistance tools.
    • Connecting Managed Workstation users to networked printers.
    • Automatic printer connection based on user assigned business roles, providing the ability for users to print to certain printers based on organizational roles (e.g., human resources or legal staff members may access a printer that is not available to other staff to ensure confidentiality of printed material).
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