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Enterprise Storage - Service Detail

Service Details

This Admin service includes:
  • Storage hardware technologies and associated connectivity components required for the Enterprise Storage infrastructure.
  • Storage software tools and technologies associated with enterprise storage management such as storage resource management (SRM) tools, which include capabilities such as storage usage reporting, performance analysis and reporting, alert and event management, problem determination, device configuration and provisioning, support for configuration and change management, etc.
  • Data replication software as needed to meet agency availability requirements. Such software enables data replication from the State Data Center to the Clemson University Data Center.

Installation and Configuration

  • Installation and configuration of supported storage technologies at the State Data Center.
  • Enterprise Storage configured in an active (highly redundant) configuration to enhance storage availability.
Support and Administration
  • Incident resolution through the DTO Service Desk.
  • Maintenance of storage hardware and software for supported storage platform environments.
  • Monitoring and alerting on all supported storage platforms.
  • Provision, install and configure storage expansion as needed (e.g., expansion of disks, drawers, cabinets, etc.).
Physical Security and Facilities
  • Host all storage technologies in the State Data Center, which has appropriate security and environmentals such as: biometric access control, internal and external security camera coverage, 24/7 armed guard, conditioned power, emergency power, fire detection and suppression, and temperature control.
Security / Encryption
  • Enterprise Storage infrastructure supports data encryption at rest.
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