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MetroNet - Service Detail

Service Detail

This Admin service includes:
  1. MetroNet


  • MetroNet component technologies such as routers, firewalls, transmission media (fiber optics backbones, network cable, etc.). This does not include Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).


  • Network management and monitoring software tools and technologies which help deliver: network usage reporting, network monitoring, performance analysis and reporting, alert and event management, problem determination, router/firewall configuration and provisioning, support for configuration and change management, etc.

          Installation and Configuration

  • Core MetroNet technologies such as routers, firewalls, transmission media (fiber optics backbones, network cable, etc.). Upgrade and enhance the core MetroNet environment as required to ensure that proper capacity, performance and availability is provided to Admin customers.
  • Expansions to the core MetroNet environment (e.g., router and transmission media).
  • Custom projects with agencies that require MetroNet service for new or moved facilities, or for agencies that require enhancements to existing services. These projects will include the planning, design, engineering and implementation required to achieve agency requirements.
  • Guidance to customers in the sizing for new or expanded existing network circuits to ensure additions and/or expansions are consistent with the customer’s forecasted growth trends, are a cost effective option for customers, and can be fulfilled by Admin and/or a qualified vendor.
 Support and Administration
  • Incident resolution services via the DTO Service Desk.
  • Hardware and firmware maintenance for supported network devices (routers, firewalls, etc.) and components.
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting on MetroNet.
  • MPLS and virtual LAN (VLANS) to isolate agency traffic.
  • Division of Information Security (DIS) monitoring of all network traffic to detect threats.
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