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Cable and Wiring - Service Summary

Service Description

The Division of Technology Operations (DTO) has awarded State Term Contracts to the vendors listed in the spreadsheet provided below for cable and wiring services.

There are three options for using the Cable and Wiring contract.

  • Contact DTO for project management. The project will be taken care of from start to finish and the agency will be rebilled.
  • If you have the expertise in-house, we recommend you notify several of the vendors on the contract with your walk-through dates and let the vendors compete for your business. A quote form must be created and given to the vendors to complete. Select the lowest price vendor for your project.
  • If time constraints exist, it is acceptable to contact one vendor to complete your project — this is a fixed-price contract. Beware, however, that by selecting one vendor you will miss out on the competition and may not get the best price.

Key Service Information


Cable and Wiring Service Image