IT Shared Services Catalog

Virtual Servers - Service Notes

Service Notes

  • Full agency server migrations to the State Data Center are not included in this service. This service is focused on the provision and support of a new virtual server instance.
  • The virtual server environment is based on VMware ESXi.
  • Servers will be charged from the time they are provisioned until they are de-provisioned.
  • Storage for customer data is available through the Enterprise Storage service.
  • Virtual Machine (VM)
    • Admin will ensure the agency has remote access to the virtual server. Agencies will be responsible for purchasing client remote access licenses (e.g., two-factor authentication from Juniper and/or Citrix) for remote access.
    • Admin will coordinate with the agency for any planned Admin changes or outages that will affect the agency’s server environment.
    • Requests for installations, adds, moves or change that exceed 40 hours will require additional funding. Admin will provide an estimate before beginning work.
    • Agencies are expected to maintain their VM hosted operating systems at vendor supported versions in order to get the most benefit from this service. A list of currently supported server operating systems is available from Admin.
    • If a customer’s business applications require a larger server environment or a custom configuration, please contact Admin to investigate an alternative, custom configuration.
    • The standard patching maintenance window is Saturday from 8 a.m.-noon. Patches are applied 10 days after release. Patches are occasionally applied sooner based on the risk of the unpatched vulnerability.
    • VM OS are subject to security scanning services by DIS prior to being placed into production.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) - Legacy Isolation
    • This environment may result in reduced application functionality in order to mitigate security risks inherent in the legacy server operating system software environment.
    • This offering will have reduced support (e.g., patching is no longer available). This offering is primarily focused on protecting the broader Admin application and infrastructure environment from security risk introduced by hosting legacy server operating system software.
    • The environment is composed of dedicated hardware and software components with advanced security configurations. The costs of these components and the associated labor are included in the service offering rate. Examples of additional security associated with this offering include, but are not limited to: separated VLAN, restricted user access, additional firewalls to isolate the legacy server operating system from the mainstream network, etc.
    • The agency is responsible for initial provisioning, configuration, patching and ongoing management of the VM OS.