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Virtual Servers - Service Detail

Service Detail

This Admin service includes:

Facilities Management

  • Management and monitoring of physical security to data center.
  • Management and monitoring of the data center environment (e.g., racks, power and cooling).

ESXi Host Systems Engineering

  • Provisioning and set-up of ESXi host server hardware and software in accordance with Admin standards and policies.
  • Hardware and software enhancements to the ESXi host server over time.
  • Upgrades of ESXi host service components.

ESXi Host Systems Maintenance

  • Administration and maintenance of hardware to ensure that each ESXi host server is reliable, is performing adequately and is providing overall service availability.
    • Maintain ESXi host server hardware and software at recommended patch and release levels following standard change management procedures.
    • Standard capacity and performance analysis reporting capabilities for customers to review utilization, performance and trending information for processors and memory.
  • Admin provides and maintains a VM OS and related systems utilities.
    • Admin installs manufacturer field change orders, service packs, firmware and software maintenance releases.
    • Admin performs product patch, “bug fix,” service pack installation or upgrades to the current installed version.
  • Admin manages and maintains (e.g., procure, monitor, track status, verify, audit, perform contract compliance, renew, reassign) software licenses and media.

ESXi Host Systems Support and Monitoring

  • Responsive support to incidents.
  • Responsive support to unscheduled service outages in a timely manner.
  • Provision of diagnostic information to assist with customer application support needs.
  • Repair or replacement of failing hardware components.
  • Ongoing security monitoring and management.
    • Security event monitoring, detection and notification.
    • Periodic vulnerability scanning and reporting.
    • Security event/vulnerability remediation.
  • 24/7 access to the DTO Service Desk.
  • Best effort prioritized on-call “after hours support.”
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) based monitoring and alerting.
  • Hardened server images.
  • System management and reporting software.
  • Monitoring and alerting services to ensure operating system is up and operating normally.

Network Connectivity

  • Connectivity within the data center to a dedicated department Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) to keep data and applications separated from other department data and applications.

Virtual Machine Redundancy in State Data Center

  • The VMs are configured with full redundancy allowing system recovery within the same data center.
    • In the event that a physical server fails, also commonly referred to as an ESXi host hardware failure, the automated high availability feature is invoked. All VMs affected by the ESXi hardware failure are migrated to an alternate ESXi host and re-started on the alternate host within the virtualization cluster.
    • All workloads are supported with minimal impact to performance with unplanned downtime related to the VM migration and the restarting of the VM on an alternate host in the virtualization cluster. The alignment and compliance of application requirements are maintained as when the VM was initially provisioned.
  • Server failover (VMware HA) capabilities do not support application level load balancing at this time.
  • Additional disaster recovery capabilities are under development.

Virtual Machine Backup

  • Backup of VM OS, system utilities, applications and VM configurations.
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