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Mainframe Hosting - Service Detail

Service Detail

This Admin service includes:

Facilities Management

  • Management and monitoring of physical security to data center.
  • Management and monitoring of the data center environment (e.g., power and cooling).

Mainframe Engineering

  • Installation of hardware and system software in accordance with best practices and State of South Carolina information technology and security policies.
  • Evaluate and/or recommend hardware and software enhancements.
  • Hardware and software enhancements to the z/OS LPAR over time.
  • Upgrades of service components.

Mainframe Logical Partition (LPAR) Maintenance and Administration

  • Administration and maintenance of mainframe LPARs to ensure each is reliable, and is available during the defined target availability hours.
  • Utilization of vendor software services for maintaining LPARs at recommended level following standard change management procedures.
  • Maintenance of current inventory/asset information and support history for each Admin-owned mainframe and related components.
  • Standard capacity and performance analysis reporting capabilities to be used by Admin staff which may be made available to customers.
  • Assistance in the provision of diagnostic information to assist with customer application support needs.

Mainframe Support and Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring, identification and resolution of technical issues for LPARs.
  • Incident response based on priority levels.
  • Provide diagnostic information to assist with customer mainframe application support needs.
  • Ongoing security monitoring and management.
    • Security event monitoring, detection and notification.
    • Periodic vulnerability scanning and reporting.
    • Security compliance audit and reporting.
  • Repair or replacement of failing hardware components by IBM service personnel.

Network Connectivity

  • Connectivity (physical and logical) within the data center network.

Disaster Recovery

  • Mainframe-based data replication and infrastructure disaster recovery.
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