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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Hosting - Service Notes

Service Notes

  • The ECM environment is based on Hyland’s OnBase enterprise software platform.
  • In addition to ECM, the OnBase platform serves as the foundation for other capabilities such as:
    • Case Management solutions can increase customer agency staff and management productivity, improve compliance, facilitate collaboration among caseworkers, better coordinate information flows and provide better monitoring of case status.
    • Workflow Process Automation (WPA) allows the customer agency to work more efficiently by allowing the WPA system to automate repetitive tasks and manage rudimentary processing, by ensuring that the work is handled consistently and tasks are delivered to the right users at the right time.
  • Admin will coordinate with the agency for any planned changes or outages that will affect the agency’s ECM environment. 
  • Requests that exceed 15 hours will require additional funding. Admin will provide an estimate before beginning work. 
  • Client software licenses are not included in the listed price. ECM client software licenses and annual maintenance will be purchased by Admin from Admin’s ECM vendor per agency requirements, and the cost will be passed through to the agency.
  • All Citrix related licenses will be an additional cost to the agency.
  • If an agency is an active subscriber to another OnBase Hosting service (e.g., WPA or Case Management), then the agency will be exempt from the ECM Platform charge.
  • Hardware located at an agency for the imaging system is not included in the listed cost. Examples of excluded hardware that are typical of an ECM solution include: scanners, PCs to run scanners, PCs for document search and retrieval, and printers.
  • The ECM service offering does not include up-front analysis, design and programming activities, such as needs analysis, discovery, workflow analysis, system design, statements of work, and bills of materials, end-user training, custom programming services, line-of-business application integration, retention management design, solution design documentation, and configuration documentation. 
  • Microfilm production is not included in this service. If the agency requires microfilm, Admin will coordinate with a third-party vendor.
  • Scanning paper documents to images is not included in this service.
  • OnBase Data Storage is required for ECM data that exceeds the initial 50GB of primary and the initial 50GB of replicated storage from the OnBase environment. OnBase Data Storage is a separate offering, independent of the Enterprise Storage – SAN offering. OnBase storage beyond the initial 50GB of primary and 50GB replicated will be charged separately. If an agency is subscribing to more than one service leveraging Hyland’s OnBase platform, then OnBase Data Storage allocation will apply. For example, if an agency subscribes to ECM, WPA and Case Management, then OnBase Data Storage is required for storage that exceeds the initial 50GB of primary and the initial 50GB of replicated storage for the combined subscribed services.
  • Data Backup services are not included in the default rate. Customer agencies must also purchase the data backup service.