Division of Facilities Management and Property Services

Parking FAQs

What are the hours of the covered parking facilities?
McEachern Facility (under the State House)
7 a.m.–9 p.m. (Mon. - Fri)
7 a.m.–11 p.m. (Tue and Thu during legislative session)
Assembly Street Parking Deck
6:45 a.m.–9 p.m. Assembly Street. side (Mon - Fri)
6:45 a.m.–6 p.m., Senate Street side (Mon - Fri)
Closed - Weekends and State Holidays
What is the clearance of the McEachern Parking Facility and the Assembly Street Parking Deck?
The McEachern Parking Facility has 6 ft, 8 inch clearance.
The Assembly Street Deck has 6 ft, 2 inch clearance.
Is the parking deck accessible for all size vehicles?
No. The Assembly Street Deck is only accessible for standard size vehicles. Conversion vans and 15 passenger vans cannot use it.
Where are state parking areas located?
Click here for a list of parking lots and facilities.
Who is eligible to park in State Assigned Parking Decks?
Permanent state employees who work at least 37.5 hours per week are eligible.
Who is eligible to park in State Surface Parking Lots?
State employees (both permanent and temporary) working a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible.
What type of identification is needed to park in State parking areas?
Some parking areas require decals, some require barcodes and some require no identification. Check with your Agency Parking Coordinator for your parking area requirements or go to the Parking Facilites link on the left side of this page.
Is handicap parking available?
At the Capitol Complex, handicap parking is available on Sumter, Pendleton and Assembly Streets for the general public. Please call the Parking Services Office for available spaces in state-owned parking lots/facilities. Note that handicap parking rules are strictly enforced.
Can I appeal a parking ticket written on state property?
Yes. Use the online form here. See the section in the Parking Manual entitled "Parking Ticket Appeals" for details. You have 2 workdays to appeal a ticket. If not received within 2 workdays, the ticket will stand.
Who should I contact for parking needs?
Employees should contact their Agency Parking Coordinator for parking forms and instructions. All other parking matters should be directed to the Parking Services Office. Click here to view a PDF file with APCs listed by agency.
Is there help available if I have a problem with my vehicle?
During business hours, the Parking Services Office can help with minor problems such as jump-starting a vehicle or by providing an air tank for a tire. Please give the lot name and area where you parked, along with your vehicle type and color when you call. It is important that you stay with your vehicle until a Parking Attendant arrives. In our parking decks, please use one of the emergency phones. Otherwise, use your cell phone to call the Parking Services Office at 734-1616.
Are there special safety considerations for vehicles parked in these state parking areas?
This list contains minimal information. Please see the Parking Services Manual for details.
Vehicle Leaks or Spills. If a vehicle leak is considered a safety hazard, the vehicle must be removed from the parking facility until it is replaced or repaired. You can park temporarily in a surface lot after obtaining a decal for that purpose.
Storage of Unlabeled Materials. Do not store unsafe chemicals and/or unlabeled containers in your vehicle.
Vehicle Repairs. Only emergency repairs allowed. No vehicle parts may be left or disposed of there. You must notify Parking Services when a vendor must come to your parking space to work on your vehicle.
No pets or other animals can be left unattended.
Exhaust Fumes. Do not leave a car running unattended in any of our state parking areas.
Are there designated smoking areas in the parking facilities?
There is a "no smoking" policy for all Capitol Complex Covered Parking Facilities. The list below has designated smoking areas for the Capitol Complex.
Wade Hampton Building
South side, first floor entry
Dennis Building
West side, first floor entry.  North side, second floor entry.  First floor courtyard
Gressette Building
North, south and east sides, first floor entries
Brown and Blatt Buildings 
North, south, east, and west sides, first floor entries
State Capitol Buildings
East side, first floor entry
Calhoun Building
West side, first and basement floor entries
Is temporary parking available?
Yes. You will need to contact the Parking Services Office at 734-1616 or e-mail your request to StateParking@admin.sc.gov. Because of limited parking, it is advisable to get your requests in early.