Department Overview

Office of Executive Director - Serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Department and serves at the pleasure of the Governor.  The Executive Director provides leadership, strategic planning, supervision, coordination, and integration of all Department functions.

Admin is comprised of the following components:

  • Division of Facilities Management and Property Services — provides building management of state owned buildings and centralized real estate services for all state agencies.
  • Division of Program Management — facilitates program management of statewide IT shared services, and oversees Admin’s internal and external communications, legislative affairs, training, projects and policy efforts.
  • Division of State Agencies Support Services — delivers interagency mail, manages the state’s vehicle fleet and disposes of surplus state property.
  • Division of State Human Resources — provides human resources support to state agencies through consultation and oversight, professional development, and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Executive Budget Office — develops the annual Executive Budget and provides oversight of the annual state budget for the state.
  • Office of Administrative Services — provides centralized budget, finance, human resources, and information technology services to the divisions of the Department.
  • Office of Executive Policy and Programs — administers several statutorily assigned programs to assist abused and neglected children, children with emotional and behavioral issues, people with disabilities, veterans, and small and minority-owned businesses.
  • Office of Technology and Information Services — provides strategic direction and guidance for the delivery of technology, security, and privacy-related services and solutions to governmental entities.
  • South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office — oversees grant programs that focus on rebuilding or repairing homes damaged by severe weather events.
  • South Carolina Enterprise Information Systems — manages the statewide enterprise accounting system that standardizes the state's financial, human resources, and materials management business processes.

As a service organization, our mission is to provide cost-effective, responsive services and innovative solutions to enable government to meet the needs of the citizens of South Carolina.

Organizational Chart for the South Carolina Department of Administration