Model Policies

The following model policies are available from the Division of State Human Resources.

Employee Performance Management System

Progressive Discipline

Reduction in Force

Tuition Assistance 


Section 8-11-15(B) of the South Carolina Code of Laws says that state agencies “may use alternate work locations, including telecommuting, that result in greater efficiency and cost savings.” Telecommuting is a work arrangement where selected state employees are allowed to perform the normal duties and responsibilities of their positions, through the use of computers or other telecommunication equipment, at home or at another alternate work location apart from the employee's usual location of work. Telecommuting may be a part-time or a full-time arrangement.

Agency’s have the discretion to offer telecommuting as option to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Telecommuting is not an employee entitlement or right.

To assist agencies in implementing telecommuting programs the Division of State Human Resources had created a Telecommuting Toolkita sample business case illustrating how possible costs, savings and performance/productivity measures may be recorded, as well as a form that can be used to track the time employees are telecommuting.