Executive Budget Office


Brian J. Gaines, Director
Department of Administration
Executive Budget Office
1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 529
Columbia, SC  29201
803-734-0645 fax
Name Phone Email
Brian J. Gaines, Director 803-734-2280 Brian.Gaines@admin.sc.gov 
Administrator 803-734-2280  
Budget Development and Analysis
Name Phone Email
Beth Quick, Manager 803-734-0649


Lewis Carter 803-734-0638 Lewis.Carter@admin.sc.gov
Michael Hughes 803-734-0493 Michael.Hughes@admin.sc.gov
Jacob Scoggins 803-734-0336 Jacob.Scoggins@admin.sc.gov
Howard Knapp 803-734-8620 Howard.Knapp@admin.sc.gov

Kevin Etheridge, Manager

803-734-0647 Kevin.Etheridge@admin.sc.gov 
Nicole Ford-Jennings 803-734-1732 Nicole.Ford-Jennings@admin.sc.gov
Roger Hall 803-734-2271 Roger.Hall@admin.sc.gov
Angela Miller 803-734-2149 Angela.Miller@admin.sc.gov
Lauren Wright 803-734-7216 Lauren.Parker@admin.sc.gov 
Capital Budgeting
Name Phone Email
Jennifer LoPresti, Manager 803-734-2264 Jennifer.LoPresti@admin.sc.gov
Kimberly Sharpe 803-737-0005 Kimberly.Sharpe@admin.sc.gov
Fiscal Management
Name Phone Email
David Seigler, Manager 803-734-0485 David.Seigler@admin.sc.gov
Bonny Anderson 803-734-0435 Bonny.Anderson@admin.sc.gov
Performance, Improvement and Transparency
Name Phone Email
Ann Bryson-Eldridge, Manager 803-737-0699 Ann.Byrson-Eldridge@admin.sc.gov