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The Capital Budgeting and Planning Unit has oversight responsibility for the Statewide Permanent Improvement Projects Program. In addition to providing technical assistance to state agencies, the Executive Budget Office also assists the Joint Bond Review Committee (JBRC) and State Fiscal Accountability Authority in the review and approval of permanent improvement projects.

Capital Budgeting and Planning Forms and Instructions:

Permanent Improvement Project Approval Level Required by Transactions Type

Permanent Improvement Project Required Documentation List

Permanent Improvement Project Request (A-1 Form)

Annual Operating Costs/Savings Form (A-49 Form)

Property Acquisition Information Format

Request to Acquire Real Property Form

Questionnaire — Preliminary Land Acquisitions

Questionnaire — Phase I A&E Design

Questionnaire — Phase II Construction

Questionnaire — Budget Increases

Questionnaire - Roofs

Agency Guidance for Roofing Maintenance and Repairs

Permanent Improvement Project Budget Load Worksheet

2023 Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan

DUO Online Registration Instructions

(Step #1) Capital Planning System-Log On Instructions

(Step #2) Capital Planning System-Project Detail Worksheet Creation

(Step #3) Capital Planning System-Finalizing the CPIP

(Step #4; If Applicable) Capital Planning System-Changes Required

Capital Planning System-Report Generation

Capital Planning System - Filter Overview