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State Surplus Property

The State Surplus Property Program promotes and facilitates the sustainable reuse of surplus property to state and local governments and qualifying non-profit entities. The Surplus Property Office operates a retail store at its warehouse location in West Columbia and conducts online auctions to make property available to the public that has no further governmental need.

Location: 1441 Boston Avenue, West Columbia, SC - Click Here for location and directions.

Hours: Monday-Friday (8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.). Closed on all state holidays.

Contact: 803-896-6880 or email.

Types of Property Sold: Boats, vehicles, furniture, bicycles, athletic apparel and equipment, copiers and printers, kitchen equipment, computer equipment (desktops, laptops, monitors), televisions and dvd players, tractors, golf carts, iPhones and smart phones, camera equipment.
Schedule of Sale: Surplus property is offered first to state and local governmental entities at established sale prices. It is next offered to eligible non-profit organizations. If it is not sold to a government or non-profit agency, it is then offered for sale to the public. Items that remain unsold at the established sale prices are offered periodically at public auctions.
Public Auctions: Public auctions are conducted both at the West Columbia location as well as on-site at agencies if it is not feasible to have the property transported to the warehouse in West Columbia. Notice of auction is given on this website and by advertisement in The State newspaper on the Sunday preceding the auction.
Online Auctions: In addtion to the retail store at the warehouse in West Columbia, surplus property is made available for sale to the public by online auction.