Division of State Agencies Support Services

Program Requirements for Participation

The program requirements and instructions for participation are listed below.  Please follow instructions carefully. Incorrect paperwork will be returned to the agency and delay entry into the program.

Instructions for Participation (Click here)

Application for Participation

LEA Application (Data Sheet)

LEA Application Instructions

**NOTE:  Please list first and last names (no intials) for screeners along with email addresses on application

State Plan of Operations

State Plan of Operations as of 2/24/2014

Addendum as of 7/14/2014

Administrative Fee for Participation

There is an administrative fee based on the number of officers in your department.

    1033 Annual Support Charges - Sliding Scale
    No. Officers Annual Fee
    1-25 $500.00
    26-50 $800.00
    51-75 $1000.00
    76-100 $1200.00
    101-150 $1500.00
    151-200 $1800.00
    201 - and up $2000.00


    Please make checks payable to the State of South Carolina

    In memo part of the check, please put 1033 Program