Division of State Agencies Support Services

Federal Program

Division of State Agencies Support Services operates the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs. These are two distinct programs with different regulations and procedures that govern each of them. They share the common purpose of providing a central state location for disposing of government surplus property by first attempting to reuse the property in another government setting and only disposing of it the general public if there is not another governmental need for the property. Since the types of property, their origin and the rules for their purchase differ between these two programs, they will be discussed separately.

Location:  1441 Boston Ave, West Columbia, SC 29170
Hours:  8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Types of Property Sold
Air compressors, cabinets, carts, chairs, desks, fire extinguishers, footwear (i.e. boots and shoes), freezers, helicopters, helmets, gasoline and diesel engines, generators, keyboards, light bars, pianos, playground equipment, pumps, refrigerators, sleeping bags, special tools and equipment (e.g. mechanical and electrical), hand tools, two-way radios, typewriters, uniforms, vehicles (i.e. ambulances, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, motor graders, packers, pans, water buffaloes).
Schedule of Sale
State surplus acquires the property in two ways: 1. Staff screeners visit military installations and identify needed property, and 2. Requests can be made for donations from overseas military installations. In general, the property is brought to the Surplus Property Office for sale. The property is only available to governmental entities and eligible donees who meet federal eligibility criteria. All property not purchased by government entities or donees is offered to the general public at auctions which are conducted on-line periodically at GSA Auctions in accordance with federal guidelines.
Governmental entities and donees can purchase federal surplus property. Governmental entities are all state agencies, departments, commissions, councils, boards, bureaus, colleges, universities, technical schools, legislative bodies or other establishment or official of the executive, judicial or legislative branch of the State. The term donees refers to counties, municipalities, school district or public or special purpose districts. This term refers to eligible nonprofit health, or educational institutions that are tax-empt entities duly incorporated by the State. For more information contact Tracy Price at 803-896-6884.
After expiration of the sale cycle to governmental entities and donees, public auctions are conducted on-line periodically at GSA Auctions