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While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on these pages, no guarantees can be made regarding availability of any of these items.

The "Cycle" of an item is the week of the fiscal year that the item will normally become available for public sale. Other public entities have the option of purchasing surplus items earlier. However, be aware that things are sometimes sold before their normal cycle due to storage constraints, etc.

Since this database is updated each morning, an item that shows up here could already have been sold during the course of the day's business. It's always best to call ahead to see if an item is still available.

For information you can call 803-896-6880 or Fax 803-896-6899. Note that there are some pictures available but no detailed descriptions for the items at this time.

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The material on these pages is for informational purposes only. No guarantees are made regarding availability of items in the State Surplus inventory.