Division of State Agencies Support Services

State Program

Division of State Agencies Support Services operates the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs. These are two distinct programs with different regulations and procedures that govern each of them. They share the common purpose of providing a central state location for disposing of government surplus property by first attempting to reuse the property in another government setting and only disposing of it to the general public if there is not another governmental need for the property. Since the types of property, their origin and the rules for their purchase differ between these two programs, they will be discussed separately.

Location: 1441 Boston Avenue

Hours: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Origin of Property: State Agencies

Types of Property Sold
Cabinets, carts, chairs, check-writers, clothing/athletic equipment, computers, computer stands, copiers, desks, disk drives, fax machines, freezers, keyboards, monitors, paper (bond and computer), pianos, printers, refrigerators, sewing machines, shelving, stoves, televisions, typewriter printer ribbons, typewriters, VCRs, and vehicles.
Schedule of Sale
When property is turned for disposal it is generally brought to the Boston Avenue location. On occasion, surplus property is sold on location at the agency if transportation of the item is problematic or expensive. The property is offered first to state and local governmental entities at established sale prices. It is next offered to eligible non-profit entities. If it has not been sold to a government or non-profit agency, it is offered for sale to the general public. These items for sale to the public are on display during the regular business hours of operation, and any member of the public may shop during these hours. Items that remain unsold at the established sale prices are offered periodically at public auctions.
After expiration of the sale cycles, public auctions are conducted both at the Boston Avenue location as well as on-site at agencies like the Department of Wildlife or Transportation where the amount of property is too large or cumbersome to be relocated. Notice of auction is given by advertisement in the State Newspaper on the Sunday preceding the auction.